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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Dream Spelled Out
Dedicated to Mom and Dad

Submitted by Anonymous

Halee and Andy met in high school. They graduated, found work, and realized they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Their families were in no position to pay for a fancy wedding, and they themselves knew they couldn't afford much in the way of a honeymoon.

So, without a whole lot of fanfare, they married. They'd decided that rather than let it be depressing that they couldn't afford a nice honeymoon right now, they would plan for the day when they could afford to go somewhere. And they both agreed, it would be Hawaii.

The wall in their living room became a giant planner. Halee pieced together a large cork-board and attached it to the wall. Thereafter, whenever she or Andy thought of something about Hawaii that they liked, they would cut out a picture of it from a magazine, or write it on a piece of paper and tack it up.

Beside the planner, on a shelf, they placed a large glass vase. Each time either of them had a little change, they emptied it into the vase. Over time, there would be enough change gathered to place some in coin rolls. The rolls were then placed in a cigar box on the shelf beneath the vase. Their paradise was always on their mind, so they decorated their home with an island flavor. Flowers, green palm leaves, and blue ocean waves could be found in the prints of every pillow, blanket, sheet and tablecloth.

When Halee and Andy had their first child, a daughter, they named her Wenda, having decided it would be fun to spell out Hawaii with the first initials of their new family's names. They of course would be the H and A, and now their daughter was the needed third letter. They only planned to have two children, so figured family dogs would one day be the I's.

When Wenda was 2 years old, she greeted her new sister Anna. The glass vase was still collecting change, and by now, the coin rolls filled up 5 cigar boxes.

Accidentally, ten months after Anna, they brought home Isaac, who was followed by Illa eighteen months after that. Guess they wouldn't need the dogs afterall.

They had fun signing their Christmas cards with their first initials, and dreaming of sand and sun, but life moved on and kids aren't cheap. One by one, the cigar boxes were emptied over time for various family needs. Halee and Andy knew they'd never get to the islands, but they kept the dream anyway. They still have it.

I'm Wenda. Anna and I are both married now. Isaac graduates this year, and Illa is in her sophomore year. Mom and Dad don't regret having spent their meager savings on us kids over the years, what they'd have regretted, is never having the dream of Hawaii, and the children to share their dream with.

I have a dream now too. Somehow, my parents will honeymoon in Hawaii.

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