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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Finding Love Again
Dedicated to My husband Jim

Submitted by Anonymous

I met the love of my life when I was seventeen years old and we were both working at a local amusement park. The day we met, I knew he was special and I wracked my brain trying to figure out a way to spend more time with him. I decided to ask him for a ride home -- even though it was about 45 minutes out of his way to take me home. He said yes, and that was the beginning of everything.

I was still in high school and he was in the Marine Reserves and a college student, so we decided to "just be friends" when he had to leave that fall for his annual reserves training. We didn't talk often, but he was never too far from my mind.

The next summer, we started dating again as soon as the amusement park season began. Again, we decided at the end of the summer that a long distance romance wouldn't work, since I left for college five hours away from his college.

One thing led to another and we lost track of each other. I often wondered what happened to him, and whether he ever thought about me. I remembered all of the wonderful times, where we talked about our future plans, careers, children, travelling to Hawaii and Paris, growing old together.

I ended up finishing my degree and marrying someone else. After six years, that marriage failed and I had just moved out on my own, when I got a strange phone call about a high school reunion plan. I called the number the person left, even though I didn't recognize her name. It was Jim's sister-in-law. It turned out that he had been sent to Desert Storm with his Reserve unit right after he finished college. He had married and divorced also, and his family had all been talking to him about his life when he mentioned this girl he went out with once. She decided to contact me out of curiousity just to see what had happened to me.

I thought this was kind of weird, but since I had been pretty close to Jim's family I talked to her for a while. After a couple of weeks, I spoke to Jim and we decided to meet at a local restaurant "for old time's sake."

Now, it is over seven years since that "second" first date. We have three wonderful children, one "his", one "mine" and one "ours." Jim has supported me in my career and recently as I've gone back to school full time and we are balancing both work and college. He works hard every day, and still comes home and cooks dinner every night so I can do what I need to. He is an amazing man, a wonderful father, and I would love nothing better than to make his dream of travel to Hawaii come true, just the two of us on a romantic vacation. We weren't able to take a honeymoon when we got married, so this would be an incredible gift!

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