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Love Stories of Hawaii


I'll Remember You
Dedicated to Lorraine Scocozza

Submitted by Anthony

On our honeymoon on September 19, 1970 in Hawaii, we went to see legendary hawaiian performer Don Ho at a show in Honolulu. My blonde wife, Lorraine, was wearing a cocoa brown jumpsuit with huge balls of feathers around the wrists that I had given to her as a wedding gift. I had purchased a huge pink triple lea for her to wear. The show was attended by almost 500 people inculding stars Rosie Greer and Robert Wagner. As we entered the showroom to be seated. The entire pre-show audience stopped talking and wondered who we were. Ho from backstage asked a waitress to find out what star my wife was.

The waitress asked us "if Don Ho was paying for our drinks?" I replied that I did not think so. She asked who we were and I introduced ourselves as a honeymooning couple from New Jersey. She went back and told Ho. Ho told her when she told him that Lorraine was a housewife from NJ that he did not care who she was that someday she would be a star.

In 1995 we revisited the show on a trip to Hawaii. Afterwords we went to meet Ho. When we told him that we were at that particular show. Ho looked at Lorraine and said, "I remember you, you were wearing an outfit with feathers around the wrists. What happened? Didn't you study acting? No wonder you never became a star! We could not believe that Ho said "I remember you" as that is that title of our favorite Do Ho song and that he remember us for 35 years. Moreover, Lorraine has always been a star in my heart and Hawaii will always be our special place.

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