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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Hawii Take Me Away
Dedicated to Kenny

Submitted by Anonymous

Every day I go to work, helping people. I hold their hands, pat their shoulders, I empathasize with them. They are in my hands and believe in me. I see them get good news, I hear them get bad news, and after they get their news who's left to pick up the peices? You guessed right, me. I come home at night some times to weary to think or drive home. I hear some of them say oh your to young to know what i've been trough. Well being a full time mother, wife, 40+ hour a week nurse, housekeeper, laundress,etc. who is only 40 years old and has rheumatoid arthritis, for the last eight years. life has been a real struggle. Some days I hurt so bad I truly would rather lie there all day, but who would fill my shoes. NO ONE. So my prayer and wish is to be able to come to Hawaii and have that second honey moon with my one true love. The one I married 15 years ago. Seeing the scenes, feeling the warmth and love of Hawaii just is my dream that may come true.

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