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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Dedicated to My darling husband and family

Submitted by Susan

Gina, a 28-year old hairdresser from Toronto, met Greg who was a smolderingly-handsome American naval officer based in Hawaii. She had visited the lovely islands with her 20-something sisters on their first vacation without their controlling and traditional Italian father present. Papa was adamant that he'd pick a "nice boy from the old county" for Gina to marry. Once, however, she saw on Greg on that sparkling Hawaiian beach, Gina knew he was the man of her dreams. Following that love-at-first-sight glance, they had shared a week of romance never apart, hearts intertwined.

But vacations don't last forever and hundreds of heads of hair were awaiting Gina at the salon including the wavy locks of Papa. Greg wouldn't give her up and sent instant messages to coax her back to him in Hawaii.

HawaiiGreg: Gina, the sun isn't shining here anymore :(. I need U BB.

GinaattheSalon: Greg, I miss U 2. Papa is mad. He's writing to friends Italy in a panic.

HawaiiGreg: Pls let me call him, write him. I will tell him that I love U.

GinaattheSalon: Oh BB, *crying *, I love U 2 but he wants an Italian man for me.

HawaiiGreg: But I can cook the best pasta ;) and you are the only one I want to kanoodle with for the rest of my life.

GinaattheSalon: I'm too scared but I also miss you so much. I turned a lady's hair blue today because I can't think straight!

HawaiiGreg: If you miss me, you ARE thinking straight ;) .

GinaattheSalon: LOL. You can make me laugh like no one else.

HawaiiGreg: I want you too :) for the rest of our lives. Marry me Gina.

GinaattheSalon: THUD.

HawaiiGreg: *L* Yes I want to take care of you forever and make lots of pretty, hulaing Gina-ettes here in Hawaii.

GinaattheSalon: I love U! I WILL MARRY U!!!!! What about Papa?

HawaiiGreg: B B, you have made me a :) man! Sending 1-way ticket to U. Pack your bags. JusticeOfThePeace will meet you with me at the airport! Papa can come 2 + your sisters - 1st class!

GinaattheSalon: Papa won't agree. I'll come then we can phone him after. I've never done something 4 myself but I love U 2 much!

One week later, Gina stepped off the plane. Greg placed the lei around her neck
followed by a gorgeous ring on her finger. Moments later, surrounded by airline
employees and smiling tourists, Greg and Gina were pronounced husband and wife.

For months, Gina's father didn't acknowledge their letters or phone messages until one day.

Dear Papa,
Please come to Hawaii to meet your grandson, Giuseppe. He has your eyes. Ticket enclosed. Love Gina

One week later, Papa stepped off the plane with Gina's two sisters by his side.
Gina put a lei around his neck, then placed Guiseppe in his arms. He
looked at the baby. Finally he said to Greg, "Welcome to mi familia my son."

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