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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Me too!
Dedicated to Brian

Submitted by Anonymous

As a middle aged women, my mind fondly drifts back to the moments my heart first felt the strength of my first "real love". Let me take you with me for a moment to share what has become my fairy tale of hope and love. Brian and I had met when I was 17, and although his first hello caught me off guard it would replay in my memory when darkness would fall into my life in years to come. At 17 my thoughts were consumed of trying to find my place in the world. One evening a friend and I had stopped by the local hang out for a soda when this bashful waiter sat down and said "Hi, I'm Brian" I looked at him and secretly knew that this was the one who would love me and who I would love forever. We dated briefly and with life taking us in different directions beyond our control, he left with a hug and I wished him happiness in his new life, his last words to me were simply "You, too." The years would pass with us each not knowing just how much love we had for each other. Life would give us both failed marriages. My love for Brian never left my heart. Summer afternoons would bring daydreams of times we had spent together, it was someplace I could go in my mind that would make me smile. Then only to realize that my real life was with my husband, loveless and abusive. After 17 years of marriage my strength to leave the abuse had finally immerged in me.

My brother in celebration of my new life offered to take me out on the town. We stopped for a drink and that old "hang out" we frequented as young adults. As we found our old table, much had changed within the walls of that old hang out. But something behind the bar was very familiar. It was the smile of that boy who had so long ago roped my heart, now a middle aged man. He didn't notice me at first, but as he walked closer to our table he again sat down and said "Hello". My heartbeat felt as though I had ran a marathon, my stomach flipped with butterflies. We both were to scared to talk but it was enough for me just to see him. As we got up to leave, Brian walked over to me and much to my surprise he commented on how he had heard I was leaving the state for a new beginning. As so many years before, extend his arms out once again to hug me good-bye. Tears filled my eyes and without warning the words, "Brian, I have always loved you" spilled from my lips. His reply was "Me to…". Those words would take us both to that place in life we had looked so hard for, like Hawaii, a paradise we both had hoped for.

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