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Love Stories of Hawaii


Dedicated to Chris Larmon

Submitted by Elizabeth

In our little city, Loveland, Valentines Day is quite a celebration. Each February, lovers hang oversized candy heart shaped signs along streets all over town with messages like "Brian, you're sweet" or "Please Marry Me Liz!" I grew up here, and met my fiancé, Chris, when we were both just middle schoolers. I was pretty surprised to find out that this boy I went to school with, then endured teasing from, and finally fell deeply in love with, was born on Valentines Day - in Loveland! It seemed like a very good sign.

It's almost Valentines Day in Loveland, and with affection and devotion all around us, Chris and I are planning our wedding. As we ponder a honeymoon, we contemplate what other place on earth could be as romantic and beautiful as where we met? Thinking of coconut trees, an ocean breeze, perfumed flowers, happy smiles, my wedding to my valentine… honeymoon in Hawaii – it sounds just right.

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