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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

From on-line pal to husband
Dedicated to My dear husband Michael

Submitted by Shelly

Michael and I met on-line through a mutual friend. We shared an occasional hello and little else. I was going through a divorce and he had just gotten laid off. Neither of us were looking for love, but we sure found it. One afternoon we just started chatting with each other while waiting for our friend to come on-line. We chatted for over an hour before Michael asked if he could call me. I gave him my number and we spent the next five hours talking to each other and learning about our pasts. We realized that we had a lot of common interests and our relationship blossomed. We began a long distance relationship that would become a turning point for both of us. Michael came to visit me a few months later for a weekend. I introduced him to my family and to rural North Carolina. It was a huge change from his urban Seattle, Washington. I went to visit him the following month to meet his family. We planned to see each other again the next month when he came to visit for Christmas. Michael proposed to me when we took a trip to the beach to introduce him to my daughter. She started calling him daddy even before I could say that I'd marry him. He found a job here the next week and has been in North Carolina ever since. We've been married for almost three years, and have never had a honeymoon. Our dream is to have a real honeymoon in Hawaii by our fifth anniversary. I can think of nothing better than to walk on that beautiful Hawaiian beach, under those sparkling stars, holding the hand of this wonderful man, my husband.

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