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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

There's More To True Lovin
Dedicated to My Wife

Submitted by Anonymous

In Hawaii there's more to true lovin' than just kissin and huggin.
There's more to devotion than just sometimes emotions.
There's more to long lasting' than just simple passing.
Theres's more to true lovin' and it's here in my heart. (Chorus)
People seem bent on being in love, but they just can't find what they're thinking of.
For there must be down deep inside, that spark of true love that never will die.

Now I knew a man, who thought he could know, all about love and how much it would grow, but then he soon found, that is just was'nt so, when his forever up and walked out the door.
Now that man that I knew, He's doing just fine, his wounds are all healed or'e the long course of time.
And better that that, real love's come to be, I know for a fact for that man was me. (repeat chorus)

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