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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hawaii: Round Trip
Dedicated to My Parents

Submitted by Lee

My parents met almost forty years ago near Pearl Harbor; a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy and a Japanese beauty. Introduced at a cocktail party, they soon became inseparable. Both in their thirties, they knew what they were looking for in a life partner and believed they had found it. Spending late afternoons on the beach, swimming into the gorgeous sunsets, they fell in love. After a short engagement, due to my father's possible re-assignment, they were married.

While my father was away on an assignment, I was born. My mother and I spent our days together watching for my father's submarine to return. We spent evenings watching the vibrant sunsets on the ocean, my mother singing me lull-a-byes and spinning fairytales about my father so when I first saw him he wouldn't be a stranger. Upon his return, six months after my birth, my mother said that I held my arms out to him, knowing him through her love. Soon after his return the Navy transferred us to the mainland.

My parents were never to forget their days of romance in Hawaii. Their memories of a young love, new family and the beginning of their long life together were forever entwined with Hawaii. Many nights my sister and I listened to stories of their love affair with each other and this tropical paradise they once called home. We heard the yearning in their voices to return to this place, someday.

By the time my sister and I left home it was too late for our parents to go home to their beautiful Hawaii. Dad's many health problems prevented any kind of extended travel. After many years of surgery to repair his health, dad lost his battle to stay by his beautiful wife's side. Within a year my mother's heartbreak and loneliness took her to join her husband.

My sister and I vowed that our parents would return to the beautiful ocean waters that brought them together nearly forty years earlier. We took their ashes to Pearl Harbor where they were able to swim together once again, joined together in the sunsets of Hawaii.

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