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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Molokai Princess
Dedicated to My Soul Mate

Submitted by Ila

She hides beneath ebbs of an aqua sea and listens to distant echoes of heartsick whales searching for lovers. Her regal curves emerge between flows and she nestles on a white sand beach near a thistle bush. At night, when the milky moon shades blighted shores, she delights in glittering bodies above, meditates on nothings and relishes caresses of cool dry salt winds on her thick grey skin. Time is never a question for the Molokai Princess.

My lover and I came here to speak of places we fear to visit. We lay our bodies on magenta and yellow beach towels that seem like colossal hibiscus flowers against the naked pearly sand. We share a bottle of warm passion fruit wine and pretend we have drunken in the moment to its full bouquet, but I know I can't be apprecaiting this moment as much as I will years from now.

he warm air is threaded with honeysuckled scents of coconut and plumeria blossems and the sun is harsh and penetrating. When the winds come, they are forceful and salt air makes our hair big and wavy. Ancient Hawaiian legends say menehunies travel in strong winds and can cast a n evil spell on you. But they have no power if a monk seal is nearby.

She is within ten feet of me, camouflaged amoung grey slate stones. She captures my gaze and nothing moves except her long lashes between blinks.

"Do you still love me?" My lover beseeches. The sea foams and sizzles as it crawls to the edges of us. We pull our beach towels back a few feet back under a thistle bush. He fixes his big brown eyes on me and they fill with water.

"I don't know...I need more time." I take a drink from the tepid bottle as wicked winds siphon turquoise tides--they swell and crash on craggy ebony shores, lacing the horizon. I don't want to visit past places where he told me he didn't love me and wanted us to be apart.

Thick clouds form above and a few sleek rays of sunlight pierce through illuminating distinct razor-edged thorns of the thistle bush. I see it as a winning photo. I freeze the moment with one snap.

Now, the clouds above travel to distant shores and I wonder how long they last before they dissipate into thin ghosts of what they once were. I sigh, lay back on the happy colors of the towels and can't help but think of years from now.

Years from now, I will long for the sweet taste of passion fruit wine beneath the sparse shade of a thistle bush--with him. I will wish I knew the stark reality that time fleets on wings of elusive seabirds...and moments can't be frozen---on an elucidating ivory beach. So, the strong wind blows, and the thistle bush spreads its' seeds, and the Molokai Princess finds it in her heart to wink at me.

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