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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Hawaii bring me back
Dedicated to The Aloha Spirit

Submitted by Mark

I came to Hawaii as most people do, thinking of just a place to vacation and have fun. I feel in love on the very 1st day. That was long ago in 1978. I was a young 18 year old soldier. I was in love with a girl back in my hometown Alton Illinois. I worked hard in the military and could not have time to go see her and we did not have the money between us to bring her to Hawaii. That was my 1st girl friend and my 1st love. I lost her due to the distance. Now though I am married with a new love and a family. I promised on our wedding day that I would bring her to the most breath taking beutiful place on this earth. Im still not wealthy enough to afford a vacation for my wife and now 4 member family. But I dream of the Brothers Kazamarof and of Gabby, Andy Bumatai, Duke and Tantulas, and all the experinces that made me fall in love there. And now want to bring my wife and kids to experince it also.

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