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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Believe in your dreams!
Dedicated to The one who makes me laugh everyday

Submitted by Piper

The Story:
A 30 year dream of a romantic holiday in Hawaii. Do dreams come true?

The cast:
Me: female, divorced, 2 adult children, British Columbia.
He: male, separated, 3 adult children, Ohio.

Act One
Fate intervenes. Happenstance put us next door to each other in the hotel while attending the same golf school in Arizona. We connected immediately and were joined at the hip throughout the three days. He took me for a wonderful dinner to celebrate my 50th birthday and we were very connected by the time we flew home to opposite ends of the continent.

Act Two
Thank you Internet. We became instant and daily communicators via email, instant messengers and webcams. After many hours of chatting and phone calls, personal visits followed. The connection was undeniably there. Our dates were chatting nightly with monthly visits to here, there and places in between.

Act Three
After two plus years of this type of dating he proposed to me at our Canadian golf club in front of 80 women. Me, stunned, accepted. Shortly after, we flew to Arizona, and got lucky finding a wonderful home on a golf course in a small town.

Act Four
Our children, scattered about two countries, finally meet at Grandma's Thanksgiving celebration and get along famously. Phew!

Act Five
His mother (Grandma), an absolute gem, lived nearby our new home. She loved her son and adored me. She was ailing from a prolonged disease. Her fondest wish was to see her son settled, and that meant marriage. Due to her rapidly deteriorating health and my immigration issues, wedding plans were hurried up. Our plans, of a romantic, 'barefoot' beach wedding in Hawaii, with our five children, were scuttled.

Act Six
We scooted off to Las Vegas for a quick chapel wedding on Christmas Eve. We were without family or friends but once again, thank you Internet. The chapel had a webcam so all of our children, family and friends and especially his mother, were able to watch from all over the world. We exchanged small American and Canadian flags after the ceremony.

Act Seven:
His mother passed away a month after our wedding and my father in Canada followed 10 days later. Our plates were full with a lot of stressors but our love, respect and support of each other got us through the toughest times. We are happy as snowbirds, sharing our lives in two countries, using a romantic VW camper van for our commutes.

Finale and Beginning:
Our son is getting married 'barefoot' in Hawaii at the end of February and we will attend. We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary (at 53 and 54), and will finally have our honeymoon, and it will be in Hawaii (barefoot). Best of all we will witness our son, the first of our 5 children, saying "I Do" to the love of his life.

Our happiness has just begun, so believe in your dreams, as we are proof they do come true! Cheers!

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