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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Mom and Dad
Dedicated to To the greatest parents ever

Submitted by Christine

My story began 35 years ago before I was even born. My mom Jane and my dad Fred met and instantly fell in love. They both had always dreamed of going to Hawaii for their honeymoon. But they were both wise beyond their years and realized that getting a career and a stable life was more important than some extravagant honeymoon. So they saved their money to buy a house and car for the two of them. When I was born they already had a nice house and nice cars. Neither of them really cared about material things, just what they needed. So now that I am 26 and my brother is 24, I look back at all of the wonderful things my parents have done to make sure we were taken care of and I am thankful. We always had nice things and my parents made sure of that. So for that I believe that my parents should be able to have that extravagant honeymoon now that they have raised both my brother and I, so that they can relax and enjoy each others company. They have not been able to spend quality time together for awhile. Please help me show my parents how much I appreciate them and all that they have done for me.

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