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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My Elvis Fan's Dream
Dedicated to My Wonderful Wife Karen

Submitted by David

To my Elvis fan-

This past weekend, you were watching "Blue Hawaii" and "Girls, Girls, Girls" on TV. You've always been an Elvis Presley fan, ever since your mom used to play his records. Remember when I had the Elvis impersonater make an appearance at your birthday party a few years ago?

We've been married for 15 years.... we've had our ebbs and flows, our high tides and low tides like everyone does. But we have a deep love, a true love. We are lucky.

I smiled as you relaxed and watched those old movies. "Not my cup of tea", I thought, but it was nice to see you enjoying yourself.

You've dedicated the past 15 years to sharing your hopes and dreams with me, helping me get through some tough times. You've been a sea of strength and reason in my times of need. Together, we've managed to provide a warm and cozy home filled with love and support for our daughter Natalie. You work so hard at keeping it all together and keeping us sailing in the right direction.

It was nice to see the gorgeous scenery, the sunny beaches and blue-emerald water, I thought as I paused to watch the movie with you. "You know, it's always been my dream to vacation in Hawaii. Do you think we'll ever get there?" you asked dreamily.

Well, close your eyes, and imagine yourself watching the peaceful waves slipping onto the soft beach as the warm sun kisses your face. I just know we're going to Hawaii soon.

Thanks, Elvis, for those great movies!

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