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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Who could have known?
Dedicated to Minna

Submitted by Michael

Not a day goes by that I do not ask, "Who could have known?", when I think about our marriage together. Who could have known that our mothers come from distant places -- yours from Japan and mine from Hawaii--and settle in Chicago? Who could have known that our relationship would be forged at the age of six, when we took piano lessons from the same teacher? Who could have known that we would choose the same high school and strengthen our friendship? Who could have known that we would attend separate colleges and yet grow closer the more we were apart? Who could have known that our growing friendship would turn into a commitment of love? Who could have known that thirty four years later we would be married with three wonderful children, celebrating fifteen years of marriage? I am convinced that only God could have known all this, because He is the One who created this beautiful mosaic of love and ordained that we should be together 'til death do us part!

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