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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Dedicated to Brett Brooks

Submitted by Adena

the moment i first laid eyes on you, you froze my heart. i was watching ever move you made. you introduced your self and at that time i honestly couldnt remember what you said. i invited you to the oklahoma state fair. where you showed up and only for me to be a jerk. i never remember you being there but all the time you say you were. how could i have been a jerk to handsome face and love in your eyes. only to know that you would become my husband. one year later you were playing softball and lost out in a tournement. who would have known losing that game would change your life. i remember you walking down the hill at the lake and an angel whispered in my ear "perfect". you are so perfect in my eyes and to the world. you had dreams and you have reached them. you are so special to me. i have loved you for more that 5 years now. the day you asked me to marry you was the day i melted in your arms. on july 24, 2004 you and i become one. that is so special and as for you are special too. i love you and you will make me happy as you already have. we have many years ahead of us. i will love you now and forever. you are my soul mate. and i would love to enjoy and explore the great island of hawaii with you. me in your arms under the warm sun and glazing into each others eyes and falling in love all over agian. i love you sweatheart!

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