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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hula Dance of the Heart
Dedicated to Frank Rathbone

Submitted by Anonymous

They had always planned to visit Hawaii maybe even live there--it was the centerpiece of their retirement fantasy. No Florida for the Dulaneys! They had both worked so hard and there had been so many rough patches. You couldn't expect to raise 6 children without some very expensive disasters and they'd had more than their share. But he hadn't gotten through WW II to be defeated by...anything. And they developed a little ritual for every setback. Frank would put on one of his 3 Hawaiian shirts Amy had bought him over the years, put on some great Hawaiian music on the Hi Fi and tell Amy to practise her own version of the Hula just for him. "We'll get there," he'd say.."we'll get there".

But it didn't work out that way. 2 weeks before his retirement, Frank didn't wake up one morning.A lifetime of hoping and dreaming--gone. Amy was devastated. It took her a year to get the energy to go through Frank's things. The kids said it was time to sell the house. Frank had been a pack rat, remembering the Depression. And in an old flannel shirt pocket of his she found an envelope with 10 crumpled $100 bills and a note. "Sweetheart", it said, f I'd ever told you about this, you would have made me spend it on the roof or one of the kids, but it's for you and for me too. If anything ever happens to me before we get to Hawaii, you make darn sure you go with this anyway. I'll be watching you dance that Hula--just like we always planned...All my love. Frank"

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