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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Our Love
Dedicated to My Wife Yvonne Beahm

Submitted by Anonymous

We both knew from the beginning that there was something more to this relationship than just friends. For when we laid eyes on each other there was an explosion of emotions that defied our senses. It left both of us unsure how to proceed but one thing that was for sure was that we had to. What happened next defies logic we found ourselves unable to think straight when we were not in each other's presents. We also found that we felt incomplete without each other. So it came to pass that we very quickly moved in together and found we were rapidly falling madly in love. Soon that love brought us to marriage and now we have been happily married for eight months. I am so thrilled that I have met my soul mate and I know that my lovely wife is just as thrilled to have met hers. It is our honeymoon wish to go to Hawaii. Thank You very much we would really appreciate it a lot.

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