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Love Stories of Hawaii


Relight the Fire
Dedicated to Martin

Submitted by Irene

Martin and I were married in 1966. We were young and had our problems and so seperated and divorced after only six years of marriage and three children. I moved four provinces west and raised the children on my own for another six years. Martin was to have the kids for a holiday so I brought them too him and our love for each other was rekindled. I moved back in with him in 1978 and we have been together eversince. We have had many hurtles to jump but so far the fence hasn't been too high. Sadly, we have lost one of our children in a snowmobile accident but we now have 7 grandchildren and we are expecting our first great grandchild this summer. We are also foster parents to 3 aboriginal children ages 6, 8, and 9. Our life has become quite unromantic and I would like to rekindle the romance by surprising him with a beautiful trip to Hawaii. He will be 59 in July and I will be 58 in June and I think a trip to the beautiful Islands of Hawaii would be the most romantic gift I could give him

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