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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

498 Lbs Thinned Lipped And Skinny
Dedicated to Jody McAskill

Submitted by Anonymous

I found out I had thyroid cancer when my son was two months old. His father left me in the begining before my belly even showed it's masterpiece within. I believed there was no one for me in this world. I decided to work and forget the pain and the embarressment. So I worked 80 hours a week, and when I wasn't working I was sleeping. I didn't want tp participate in life. I had had enough.

My uncle Ronnie is a very short man, unlike some of his brothers. And is is a very kind soul always willing to listen and has a heart of gold. Uncle Ronnie told me he found someone, he thought would be perfect for me. I didn't really believe him, but something in me just decided it wouldn't work anyway especially when he found out I had cancer, so I will get a free movie out of it and perhaps a meal. So we met at the movie I stil had some baby fat on me and was about185lbs, . I got out of my car and so did Jody, we watched the movie, and went out for a coffee after. We laughed and I had forgotten how good it felt. He said he was scared of how I would lookhe knew my uncles and they are as different in size as David and Golith. Jody said he was scared I was 500lbs, I told him no I was 498lbs and he was thinned lipped and skinny. I began to feel more for this man than I thought I would and I was scared what would happen when he found out I had cancer. When I finally told him I was so worried and it wwas one of thew hardest things I have ever done. And my Jody said I know. YOur Uncle told me, and I don't care. Someday I am going to take you to Hawaii and we will stroll the beaches, go horse bacing riding to find a secluded spot and make love. Jody told me he wanted to take me away from the stress, away from the pain of life, he said he loved me regaurdless of physical illness and he wanted to take me away some day to hawaii. Jody and I have been living together now for a few months and I am still amazed at how a 498lb woman could land such a wonderfully thinned lipped skinny man.

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