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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Madam Pele Brought Us Together
Dedicated to The love of my life, Kawika (David)

Submitted by Susan

We met in sacred Hawaii, on the Big Island, on March 24, 2004. Dave lives in Colorado and I live in Toronto, Canada. This story will share how fate brought us to the same place at the same time, our days together in that place, and our growing love since then.

Dave and I are both single parents. I have two grown daughters who were 19 and 21 at the time and I was travelling alone. Dave was travelling with his 12 year old son, Dan, and his sister Kay and brother-in-law Bill. Dan was born in Hawaii when Dave lived there for four years and this was their first trip back. By word-of-mouth, Dave's family found a bed and breakfast called the Mermaid's Temple in Kealakekua Bay. It does not have a web-site. I had stayed there the summer before and knew the hostess, Carole Jean. This time, however, I was visiting friends.

The house where I was staying with my friends Mark and Saleena was on the ridge road above the Waipeo Valley. We experienced three days of heavy rain and the mud wall across from the house turned into a mud slide. Six trees dropped onto the road from the cliff above and stood like a mini forest, blocking our exit road. We had to evacuate on foot. Dear friends of theirs, Ken and Nedra, picked us up and let us stay at their house. The next day, I got a ride to a car rental place in Kona and headed for the Mermaid's Temple where I knew I would find sun, snorkelling and tranquility.

Madam Pele (the goddess of the volcano who seems to get her way in Hawaii) knew exactly what she was doing, for I arrived just 10 minutes after Dave and his family. The house only sleeps 6 guests so we had a cozy setting. We all got along well over the next four days and shared meals, conversation, laughter, kayaking and a chocolate festival fund-raiser for the Waldorf School. I knew from the first time that Dave kissed me that I was falling in love. We talked for hours.

It gets better... We were all leaving on the very same afternoon. I left a couple of hours before the rest. Kay and I cried, hugging good-bye and of course Dave and I sobbed. I was supposed to fly directly from Kona to Vancouver. They were all going through Honolulu. Well, it turns out I had to fly through Honolulu too. I was looking for my new friends at the airport and it was so easy to find them. They were in the Delta line and I was in the Air Canada line, right next to each other in the Honolulu airport. We were all shocked and thrilled to meet again so soon. Our flights were departing at the same time, 10 pm., so we had four hours to have dinner together. Dave said to me, "I just thought I was never going to see you again". I immediately felt a sick feeling in my stomach and told him so. I made it clear I wanted to see him again. This last coincidence was too big to ignore.

Well, who would have known, other than Madam Pele, that Dave and I would want to spend the rest of our lives together. We've had a dramatic 9 months so far. Dave has visited Toronto four times and my family loves him. He brought young Dan with him twice. We feel blessed they got to know my Dad who passed away in November. I have visited beautiful Colorado three times. We plan to get married on March 24, 2005, a year to the date we met. We just don't know the location yet. It is our fantasy to marry in Hawaii.

This has been a journey of surrender and we know this is the only choice when dealing with the forces of nature. We thank Pele and Hawaii all the time.

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