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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A long awaited Honeymoon to Hawaii
Dedicated to Kris ...My Soulmate

Submitted by Dawn

My Husband and I were Married on Febuary 17,2003.

My husband was called up for a deployment for the Army Reserves, and We didn't have the time to plan a big wedding, or a Honeymoon.

We had a small wedding with close family and Planned on having our dream honeymoon,to Hawaii, when he got done with his 1 year of deployment to Iraq, to serve his country.We wanted to renew our vows in Hawaii , because we had such a small wedding , and no honeymoon. We now have a new baby , and We still dream about the chance to get a Honeymoon to Hawaii. It is a goal we are working toward.My husband deserves this trip to Hawaii , because He served his country and gave up alot to be a soldier.I admire him for his courage and I love him so much.He is My Best friend, and I tell him everyday that I love him, because We never know when he could get deployed again.I am Thankful to have my husband home with me , and I treasure the time we have together.

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