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Love Stories of Hawaii


Oh So Long
Dedicated to Our Dad and Mom

Submitted by Cz

Aloha to all of your beautiful islands, First let me introduce ourselves. Our names are Shawn and Colleen Zampanti. We both grew up in the desert of Nevada. As you know the terrain consists of sagebrush, cactus, pinion pines, and flowers in the spring and summer. Most folage and ground cover is brown. Our critters are jack rabbits, snakes, coyotes, and black widows. It has it's beauty, I guess. After raising our children our long dream was to go to Hawaii. We finally were able to book all our reservations, saving to pay for it was tuff, but we did it and all was non-refundable. Then it happened. One month before Shawn's mom passed away and we buried her. Then one week later my Dad passed away. We buried him one week before we were to leave for our OH SO LONG awaiting romantic Hawaii vacation. Your beautiful island, warm aloha, and wonderful culture was amazing and almost took away the great pain we both felt. Maholo for giving us that much; but, OH how we would love to see you through happy eyes. Maholo, Shawn and Colleen P.S. We hope to see our cousins again sometime.

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