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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Long Time Coming
Dedicated to GOD who blessed our relationship

Submitted by Anonymous

It all started about four years ago in hawaii when i met my love to be!!! He was my first real boyfriend, Jordan. we were both very young but became best frinds and then the romance began. one warm summer night he took me for an evening picnic where he gave me my first kiss. from then on we were inseparable even through the ups and downs that followed. my honey prayed to God about our situation and was inspired to ask me to be his wife. He went to my parents and asked for permission and they said yes. then he took me to where we had our first kiss and got down on one knee and said i hope that one day i can attain to all the qualitys that you have. i love you will you marry me... and i said yes immediately. Now we are engaged and waiting to wed...madly in love.

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