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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

One True Love
Dedicated to my husband Justin

Submitted by Elizabeth

I have never been what anyone would consider thin, but after a series of illnesses and a very destructive relationship, I had literally ballooned up to 276lbs.

During the next two years I worked like I have never worked for anything before. I was determined to lose weight and be healthy. It was a struggle and a journey like nothing I have ever experienced, but two years later, I had lost 116lbs.

After being heavy all of my life and not really knowing what a healthy relationship was, or even how to go about finding someone to spend time with, I joined an internet dating site and posted the picture of the new and improved me. After only a couple of days and literally thousands of responses from around the world, I began communicating with a man from Maui. We emailed and then started talking on the phone everyday, sometimes for more than eight hours at a time. It was like a dream. He tried to convince me to fly out, but I resisted. I'm not usually impulsive, but something in my heart told me this man might be the one. We had become so close and seemed to have everything in common. So, I booked a ticket and would be on the islands for 11 days.

It was the longest 11 days of my life and I returned a shattered woman. Everyday he reminded me that I was not perfect, told me that a size 10 was just too heavy, and that if I wanted to be part of his life I would have to lose a lot more weight. I was devastated.

I, of course, decided I did not want to be a part of his life, but that Hawaii would always be a part of me. I had not found the love of my life in this shallow man, but I had in the embrace of Hawaii. I have always been different and had never found my place in the world, but I knew upon returning home from that trip that I had found home.

I made every necessary plan to move there, to "return home". Within a year I was licensed as a Massage Therapist in Hawaii, so I could legally work there. I took steps to create a new life there, but there was always something keeping me from being able to return. Now I am married, to the most wonderful man I can imagine. A man who does love me for all that I am and not the package I come in. Since we have been married, we have had a series of financial hardships. We haven't even been able to take a honeymoon, but my wish for our anniversary February 13(the day after my birthday and the day before Valentine's Day) is that I can find a way to take my husband to the only place on earth I feel I will ever truly be able to call home.

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