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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Just one moment
Dedicated to The memory of Pearl Harbor

Submitted by Brandi

I have finally arrived and walked my first steps where you walked your last steps. I never thought I would be able to come but our daughter has brought me here. We went to Pearl Harbor first, to pay our respects to all of you. I peered so hard into the water, imagining that after all this time you might swim up and emerge from the blue depths. But nothing like that happened.

Now we are at a beach house and Maggie is asleep. I am on the porch, writing to you. Hawaii is as beautiful as you wrote in your letters. I saved all of them and I read them from time to time. I love to imagine the way you looked when you must have wrote to me: A look of concentration on your face, your brow furrowed and eyes fixed on the words that flowed from your pen. I hated that you had to learn I was expecting Maggie in a letter, but you were so happy to receive the news. You wrote down all of the things you couldn't wait to do when she arrived. I made sure to do all that I could and I always told her that these were the things you would've loved best to do. I taught her how to fish and change the oil in the car like you taught me. We said our prayers next to a picture of you every night. It's the picture of you in uniform; you looked extra handsome that day they photographed you with the bluest of eyes and the youngest face. Maggie's smile is no different than yours, and she has one tiny dimple on the right side of her face, too. How I struggled through those first years is a lifetime ago to me. I worked hard at the factory in town and my sister was nice enough to keep Maggie. I would read her the letters at night and they would comfort us both.

I promised never to remarry and I haven't; you are the only soul mate I'll ever have. You wrote me that you attended a luau one night and all of those gorgeous girls were dancing around the men and they hollered and yelled, and you got up and left. Not because you were appalled by their behavior, but you missed me so much and wished I could be there with you to see and experience the magical atmosphere of Hawaii. You wrote humorous stories about riding the waves and building things in the sand. I have walked along the beach and felt the soft sand and tonight when the sun went down past the water, I closed my eyes and a breeze touched my face and went through my hair just like your fingers used to do. I knew then that you weren't completely gone and that the magic of Hawaii had the power to reunite our souls even if it was for just one moment.

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