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Love Stories of Hawaii


I came home to my soul
Dedicated to Ode to self

Submitted by J

After years of marriage and a divorce, I was filled with self doubt if I could make it on my own as I stood at the beginning of what seemed a long and frightening road as a single mother.

I felt as if I had lost myself and this stranger moved in. I wondered if I would ever feel the exhilaration of pure joy for life and living again as I poured my energy in work, education and motherhood.

One day the idea of visiting Hawaii took root in the soil of my dreams then became a reality four years ago.

As I stepped off the plane with my daughter unto Hawaiian soil I knew that I had come home. I felt at peace in the fragrant night air and it was as if I belonged here in some distant past.
Hawaii was home.

The healing of soul had begun and continued every morning during my walks on Hawaiikae St to the local Starbucks then unto the pier to sit and watch the boats flow by and feel the cool seabreaze caressing my cheeks to a healthy glow.

Aloha to self. In order to give of yourself you have to first find yourself.

Now it is my dream to one day relocate to Hawaii even if it is for the winter months. One day this too will become a reality.

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