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Love Stories of Hawaii


Finding My Soul
Dedicated to The People of Hawaii

Submitted by Dano

The winter of 1976 in Northern Michigan was brutal, we were having another blizzard, there was no chance of going anywhere unless you had a snowmobile, there was no place to go besides the Bar & I'd had my fill of snowbound, whiney friends last week.... National Geographic was callin, they had a nice spread on the Hawaiian island of Kauai this issue and, it sure seemed like the perfect time to get lost in the pictures of this beautiful island....One of the pictures was at the Hanalei lookout, overlooking the valley where so much of the Taro is grown....As I looked at this picture I made myself a promise that someday, somehow, I was gonna stand on that very spot, see that sight in person....April 1990 I was able to make that dream come true....As I stood there taking in this view, it felt surreal, I could'nt beleive I was seeing this....At that moment I felt, more than heard something almost on my head, it was an owl, a huge beautiful owl heading out over the valley, I felt like my soul had just taken wing....I enjoyed the next two weeks on this island of my dreams, this most beautiful island, with the friendlyest, kindest people, and learned what Aloha spirit is..Hardly a day passes that I don't spend some time daydreaming about the time I spent there, wishing somehow I could find my way back...My soul could once again be home and at peace....Dano

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