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Love Stories of Hawaii


"Could you say that one more time!"
Dedicated to My husband, Mike

Submitted by Anonymous

Okay it wasn't an official national holiday or anything. But it was the holiday of my life! My husband called me from a pay phone, he couldn't hold in the news till he got home. His company was sending us on vacation to Hawaii! I nearly fainted, I cried, I screamed. Hawaii! I dialed my mother's phone and by the time she answered I was squealing and sniffling and wiping my own tears. Mom, we are actually going to Hawaii! I couldn't stop giggling. I felt like a princess. I hadn't had a vacation in years, well, never and suddenly my husband and I were going to a place that I could only dream about. It took everything I had to hold still in my seat on the plane and not seem like a bumpkin by telling everyone we were going to Hawaii! Of course, everyone else on the plane was going also! But, did they know how reaallly it was my own special holiday! When we landed, all I could do is stare, at everything! I wondered how many times other people had gone to this wonderous place and just took it for granted? I had never seen the ocean. I had never seen such beautiful and delicate flowers. I just had to see everything. The coconut trees were fascinating, the different grass beneath my feet, the clear perfect water and the sky, oh what beautiful sky. My husband held my hand and I saw him watching me every moment as I smiled continuously. He let me be a princess and a little girl in a land of wonder without making me feel foolish about discovering so many things and showing child like delight. We had been blessed with the perfect gift of three children and suddenly I had discovered the perfect earthly gift, Hawaii.

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