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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Our Love will stand the test of tim
Dedicated to Kevin D Hooker

Submitted by Sabrina

I will never forget the day we meet. You were so shy and I was the outgoing type. I don't know all the reasons I was drawn to you but you just had that smile. You came to my car and ask me out I said I would love to go but you will have to call my Dad and ask his permission. You said," Ok I can do that". I knew then there was something different about you. We went out many more times and time went on and soon we were together all the time. I'm not sure when I knew that you were the one but I will never forget my 18th birthday when you surprised me with a party and then gave me something I would never have imagined a pearl necklace. That night I knew I loved you and I knew I never wanted to be apart. Well you went to collage and I worked and we tried to just date but too much love was there and we had to be together. What a day that was when you ask me to marry you. You were so calm and I was a wreck. I will never forget it I was in the airplane looking out the window and when I looked back there you were holding this beautiful ring and you said, "Will you marry me"? I was so happy and all I did was cry and say yes. Well soon we were married and what a wedding it was you were so handsome and I was so happy and that day a double rainbow was in the sky little did we know that five years latter we would find out we were having twin girls. What a world wind that spun two little girls needing us day and night and not much time for you and me. It was a joyous time and I will always cherish it. You have always been there for me thru the good times thru the bad ones and we have had our share of both. It has been almost 15 years now and many days I look back and say wow and then some times I think has it really been that long. It seems as though we meet yesterday and that time has stood still. I know that you are the one for me because no one else can love me, care for me, make me feel safe, and keep me warm. I love you so much that I know there is no one else for me we are soul mates two people meant to be together made for each other.

You are my lover, best friend, a wonderful father to our girls.

You are the Man I will love forever. I hope that this story will touch someone and I will get to take you to Hawaii.

I will always love you!

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