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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Love Always
Dedicated to Jan Hanes

Submitted by Wendy

There is a difference being married, an inner peace, a commitment, a stronger bond, dreams do come true, and sometimes they are even better than you think.

My girlfriends brother was the High school president. He needed volunteers to take tickets at the door. Since we were only in grade 8 we thought it would be a great way to get to check out the dance.

My girlfriends and I took tickets at the door, noticing all the older boys. One in particular caught my eye, but he had a date. Turned out he was there with another fellow and one of our grade eight girlfriends, which allowed us the chance to meet. As the night went on and the dance continued, I noticed that he kept finding excuses to come back out and talk to us.

As a result of a series of coincidences, an invitation to the next high school dance arrived at my school for me. I knew I couldn't go to the dance, so I was heartbroken to finally have him ask me out, knowing I was not allowed. So we decided to go to the movies instead "Bad News Bears - Breaking Training", we touched knees and kept pretty quiet throughout the whole movie. He didn't dare kiss me good night because I had a rather large cousin with me.

We have pretty much been inseparable since then. We knew that we loved each other. Friends, family bugged us about when we were getting married. We always said it didn't really matter to us, because we were already committed to each other. One night I joked that if we survived 25 years together we would get married in Hawaii.

There are some things in life that you just can't understand, that just seem to fall into place somehow. April 8th, 2003 was to us "OUR" 25th anniversary. We'll as the end of the 25th year rolled around, a timeshare company booked us, to stay at the Lawai Beach Resort in Kauai, Hawaii, our flight was to leave April 8, 2004, which was an exact 25 full years we had been together. Everyone knew we were going to Hawaii, but no one knew what we were up to.

We had set the wedding date for April 10, 2004 just before sunset. The pastor blew the conch shell, the breezes blew, we shared the lei's and the ceremony was beautiful. When the pastor went to say, "in front of this gathering here today", he kind of chucked because it was just the 4 of us" but at that moment many people at the resort had come out on their balconies and started clapping. We hadn't realized they were there. It was incredible!

My favorite memory is at Polihale Beach, where some of the local kids, took us in and shared their evening under the stars, by the sea. I will never forget Kauai, Hawaii, the people, the atmosphere. It's one of the best places on earth.

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