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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

True Love
Dedicated to The love of my life

Submitted by Anonymous

From the first time I met him I knew I would spend the rest of my life loving him. HE was tall dark and handsome in every way. whe first time we met unoffically was by accident we sort of bumped in to each other literally. As he said I'm sorry I looked in his eyes and felt that i knew him my whole life. He asked me do I know you from somewhere and I said if I met you I would have remembered it. It sounds like a romance novel but it was just simple and true. We went our seperate ways, butr I could not get him oit of my mind. A few weeks later a friend called me up and said I have the most amzing guy in the world for you. I was really not ntrested but she kept on insisting I meet him and there was nothing I could do to convince her I was not intrested. I told her i would like to speak to him on the phone first. So she siad he will call me at 5:oo. When I got home that day at 5 I saw a message on my machine and it was this guy and I saw he called at 4:30. So I called him back and he told me my friend told him 4:30 anyway that night we spoke for 2 hours about everything and anything till his phone died. I knew I met the man of my dreams from one phone call. I was still nervous what if the date went horribile. He picked me up and met my parents, they were so in love with him you can not imagine. We went out and suddenly it dawned on me that I knew him and he asked me if we ever met and then I knew how I knew him he was the tall dark handsome man I bumped in to. Whne we both realized who we were we could not belive what the odds were. Anyway we continued to go out and kept having the most amazing expirences. I thought that this is it. Then he said he wanted me to meet his parents and I thought great now I am screwed what if they do not like me? I knew he was very close o his father and mother. Well the dreaded day comes and I meet them and we went out afterwards. And sudenly I saw all this doubt on his face like he was not sure what to do.I knew right hten that his parents doid not like me. I knew we were headed for trouble. The next morning I got a call from him that it was over just like that. I cried for hours that day refused to eat or sleep or talk to anyone. I felt my whole life wa over. Then the anger came and I thoufght whta kind of man dumps me b/c mommy and daddy said so. I went on vacation with my friends partied a lot and forgot him. Then I went out with loser after loser and started missing him again so I called hima nd told him how angry I was with him and how I missed hima nd he told me he miised me so much and hated the way things ended. I asked him why were his parents such a big facto in this. Then he said something that broke my heart jhe said he had doubts before his parents even said anything. He was not sue if hje wanted to settle down with me. We ended up talking till 5 am. when We hung up I felt good and knew I could move on if I had to. I understood t hat he was not ready to make a commitmnet yet. So my search continued till about 6 months down the road. I got the call that canged me. I was in the process of seeing this guy who grew up with my ex. When he found out IU went out with this guy he went over to my ex and told him he was seeing me. Then I get a phone call from my ex. My heart stopped I could not breathe. I could not belive he called me. He asked me why was I seeing this guy He was not good for me at all. We talked for hours and he apolgized for hurting me and putting me through everything. We dated for a few months but I tld him I wanted a commitment. SO i went to meet his parents they seemed like they liked me, but once again Iw as wrong. So when the love of my life told me this I had had enpough I confroted them and explained to them how much I care about their son and the love I have for him his father was impressed thati had hte guts to confront them, his motherw as not happy. But the nextd ay she called me and apolgized and asked me to put allbehind us. His parents I jnew still felt like we would never work out we were to different for each other thaey said he was more relligious than me. Everyone said we would never get amrried. With in a week of the second meeting with his parents we were b=ngaged and 3 1/2 months later we got amried I write this story not to ssem like the most romantic soul in the world i ams so sure peolp have better stories. BUt my story is just to show regular people not overly romantic people that if we can make it through everything we 've been through so can you. We have had some tought imes together we had a lot of money problems, al pot of normal fights taht every couple goes through, but to me he is till the love of my life and the only one I ever want o be with. I wtite this story right after our 2nd anniversary and right before my babied 1 year old birthday. Sometimes not always loveis all you need. If i win this vacation to hawaii it would mean the world. We never got to go on a real honeymoon anywhere b/c we could not afford it. If you want to give the trip to hawaii to a deserving couple that's us. Because that is our dream romantic vacation.

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