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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My soulmate
Dedicated to Kevin

Submitted by Anonymous

He is the love of my life, the heart and soul of my world. I can't imagine my existence without him. When I look at him it feels as if I can see straight through his eyes deep into his soul. We were created for each other. Someday when we marry, our lives will become one for our children, our family. It won't be just for us anymore. Will that change us? Will we grow apart? When our lives become hectic and scattered with soccer and baseball practice, cheerleading and volleyball, bills and work, we need a memory that we can look back on. We need a wonderful memory filled with nothing but joy and love that would instantly reconnect us, remind us why we are together and what life is really all about. We could crawl up in front of our fireplace at night and remember a simpler time when all that mattered was how deeply in love we were. Where better to create that memory than Hawaii? Love fills the air and the waters in Hawaii. If we were to spend a week alone there, it would be a memory that we could draw on for eternity. Yes honey, pack your bags, we're going to Hawaii!

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