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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Romance and Relaxation
Dedicated to My husband and myself

Submitted by Anonymous

I think of Hawaii as an exotic and romantic place with tranquil breezes and white sandy beaches.To see the warm aqua sea and the white sand beaches would make me forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I would tour the volcanos, tour the islands, sit under the tropical trees and take in the fresh hawaiin air. To take long romantic walks on the beach and share a glass of champagne while having a picnic on the beach. I would find a nice quiet hideaway that I would make my own, to relax and read a book while taking in the warm yellow hawaiin sun. My husband and I have been dreaming of going to hawaii for a couple of years but have not been able to afford a trip to hawaii. I vow to make it to hawaii someday, to save every penny and I will be sitting on one of those exotic beaches drinking a margarita some day. I would love to explore the hawaii rainforets and lush gardens. I would love to be greeted with a warm hawaiin welcome lai. I would take up the opportunity for a sight seeing tour of the islands and also to scuba dive with some exotic fish. I would love to learn about the hawaiin culture and experience some of their unique cuisines.I would love to take hundreds of pictures of the scenery, the ocean, the gardens, volcanoes, the people and environment to keep my visit to hawaii fresh in my head so that whenever I am feeling stressed I can take out the pictures and go to a relaxing place in my mind.

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