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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hawaii in Our Hearts
Dedicated to My Mom And Dad

Submitted by Anonymous

He lay motionless and all that could be heard was the sound of the heart monitor. Dad is only 59 years old and now he lays in a hospital bed , paralized by a massive heart attack. Mom stays by his side as she has for the last 35 years of their marriage, praying to God for a miracle.

He has been in a coma for two days and the doctors have said it's just a matter of time before he slips away from us and this earth. Mom grips his hand and sobs. Just then, dad opens his eyes and smiles as best he can.

"Darrel, you're back!" says mom with relief and an anxiousness. She cries even harder.

"I am here for only a short time .""But I want you to know I am going to a better place, and someday, we will be together again"he says weakly. " I will always love you and will always be with you wherever life takes you."

Mom cries and shakes her head, not wanting to hear him speak of losing the fight for life." I love you also, and you are the best person and husband I could've ever asked for."she replies.

"It is our 35th wedding anniversary next week and I had boughten you a gift. It is in my night stand at home. ""Enjoy my gift and know you are always in my heart."dad says in a raspy voice.

He then closes his eyes, and a tear runs down his cheek . Although he died at such a young age, he died a happy man. Happy from all the riches life gave him.

Later that week, Mom and I looked in Dad's night stand. In it, was two plane tickets to Hawaii, a place they had always dreamed of going. Mom turns to me and said she wanted me to go with her.Reluctantly, I accepted and away we went to the island of Oahu for two weeks. I felt sad when I thought it should be my dad instead of me going on this trip.

When we arrived at our hotel, we checked in and settled into our room. After about an hour of unpacking, a knock was heard on the door. Mom answered it, and there stood a delivery boy with the biggest bouquet of Hawaiian flowers. On the card, was written,"To Corrine, the love of my life. Happy Anniversary. Now we will always have Hawaii in our hearts."

We both stood there motionless. Dad had arranged these flowers to be sent the day before his heart attack.

We both know dad was there with us in Hawaii. His spirit was there watching over us. Mom made a beautiful analogy when she stated" Dad is up in Heaven, the most beautiful place ever, and we are in Hawaii, the most beautiful place on earth. In some way, we are together here. And he was right, Hawaii, will be forever be in our hearts."

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