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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Love walk.
Dedicated to Sean Wolfe

Submitted by Shanon

I met this guy on the internet. We talked for about 6 months and then finally decided to meet. He lived only a few miles south of me so we met at a near by mall. We clicked immideitly. It was wonderful! i knew this might be something very special. We went on a few more dates and became "official" boyfriend-girlfriend. He started spending the night at my house, we became very close!. We thought a trip to Hawaii would be increadibly romantic and so we made plans to visit for a week. The flight over there was long, but amazing sitting next to him! By the time we touched down in the aloha state we both knew eachothers life stories. The first night we were there we went out to eat at a beachfront restaraunt. It was right at sunset and the food was delicious!!! We talked some more...about everything. He looked deep into my eyes and told me that he thought i would be the one he could spend the rest of his life with. I cried. It was beautiful. The rest of the week went the same way. Walks on the beach at sunset. One late afternoon he was holding me in his arms as we watched the sun sink into the ocean. He asked me how i felt about our relationship. I did't even have to think about it. I said "i think i love you" and he said "im glad our feelings are the same becuase im about to ask you a very important question". He got up and got on one knee. He told me to look in the pocket of the bag we had with us. I pulled out a tiney blue velet box and started crying. He opened it and slipped it on my finger. "will you marry me?" YES!!! then from behind, beautiful hawaiian music started playing. We both just hugged and kissed and cried. it was so amazing....we have been married for 3 years now and we have a beautiful baby girl! Hawaii will always hold a

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