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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

A night to remember
Dedicated to Lance Mcdaniel

Submitted by Brianne

I was just coming out of high school, young, impulsive, and ready to see what the world had in store for me. I had plans of seeing the world, Hawaii, Bali, Paris, London. The world was my stage and I was ready to act. I was seeing someone casually at the time. We had been dating for about a year but there were no grand declorations of love, or fireworks or earthquakes happening everytime our eyes met. To be honest, there were more feelings on my end than on his. Never having had a serious girlfriend before he was loath to even use that title. And yet throughout the graduation confusion and into the next year we remained side by side. He stood us for me when there was tension and I talked about him constantly to my friends and family. The moment i knew that i loved him was at one of his friends house's, someone im not very comfortable with myself. I was moving around alot, trying to do so casually, when he asked if there was anything wrong. I whispered to him that my feet were cold and sighed deeply. All of a sudden he reached over and gently placed my feet under him so he could keep them warm for me. And then he looked over and smiled. And I was head over heels, take me away, in love. Not a doubt in my mind. A few months down the road, we were having some problems. I've never wanted to stay in my hometown any longer that i absolutely had too. And so I accepted a job across the country. And i wa sleaving in a week. The night I broke the news to lance, I expected some fighting about it (he thinks im much to impulsive sometimes) but what I didn't expect was the look of raw hurt on his face. We spent the night in near silence, just holding hands. He drove me home that night, and there was silence and he parked outside of my house. Suddenly he trurned to me, and whispered "oh bri, i don't know how it took me this long to realize this but I love you, I really do". And right then and there I realized something that can take years to learn. I would not be any more fufilled, or happier if I were half way around the world if I wasn't with him. Home really is where the heart is. I still went for that job, lasted three weeks, took a bus across canada and ended up back in his arms. Where i belonged. And here we are together still. Planning to marry one day, planning a family. And one day, we'll celebrate that with a tripe somewhere exotic. Like Hawaii where my parents had their honeymoon, and we'll be together.

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