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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Fluent Love
Dedicated to Logan Covington

Submitted by Chandice

Fluent: smooth, flowing, effortless, graceful, uninterrupted, articulate, expert, practiced, ready, unconstrained…love!

Isabella Lazzeri, a 14-year-old immigrant Italian girl with chestnut curls flowing on her sturdy, young shoulders finds a new life and language in America in the busy city of Detroit in 1920. Her father, who moves to America to work the Ford line, sends his daughter to English classes at St Anne's to learn the skills of becoming American. There, she meets and falls in love with 16-year-old Damiata Romano. Dami immigrated to America alone, to find his future in this country of hope. His dark, warm eyes and sweet plaid cap sitting with attitude on his proud head wins her heart. Their young love leads to an ensuing pregnancy, and smitten Dami asks her Papa for her hand in marriage. An uncle family emissary travels to Italy to get Dami's parents' permission to marry, a rule of the old culture, but miscommunication results in a resounding no. Dami urges Bella late one night in a chance meeting at the church to run away with him, but Bella lacks emotional fluency to speak her desire for this young man. She can not marry against the families' wishes. Dami is banished, and steals away in the night on a train to California, his heart broken. Failed in her young love, Bella is admonished to her bedroom for months until she has baby John. While telling Bella that the baby has died, Bella's father Sam relinquishes the illicit infant to the church, where within hours of his birth, baby John is adopted out. Within days, Bella is forced into an arranged and a resultant unhappy marriage to an older man. Over 50 years later, Bella has another chance to speak the language of fluent love when her lost son locates and reunites his birth parents. Bella and Dami have become fluent in love when in their 80's, against all conventional advice about age, they marry in a wedding at the bottom of the Manoa Falls, Oahua Hawaii surrounded by their families. Flowers adorn Bella's now white hair but Dami's eyes are still warm with his love for his lost Bella. This couple gets a second chance to live a life that is clear about conveying their feelings about the other.

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