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Love Stories of Hawaii


I took a holiday to hawaii
Dedicated to All Who've Been Change By Hawaii

Submitted by Catalina

i went on holiday to hawaii and i'll never be the same person again. as of now, i'm in love with the island and i have to get back there as soon as i can. problem is, i want to stay there forever and never leave. i loved everything about hawaii and could understand the reasoning for the rain, the insets, the volcano, everything there seems to have a purpose and you become such a small existance in the universe of things. yourself becomes almost non existent and the purpose of survival becomes your every day priority. gathering, sheltering and experiencing everyday occurrances, be it rainfall, exteme sunshine become the main event. it's almost primitive and your priorities become so rearranged that it is a blessing just to have experienced this. coming back to the mainland and seeing everyone running in like a chicken with their heads cut off is funny. i was like that in hawaii because i wanted to cram in a lifetime into a holiday. please god guide me back as soon as your ready for me to be there forever.

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