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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Night Dreams
Dedicated to Anyone Who Has Tropical Fever

Submitted by Catalina

i stepped off and plane and wondered where am i?

i felt as if i had stepped back in time about 20 years ago, for i came from the mainland.
never would i imagine the atmosphere, the climate is so humid and the sounds i've never heard before coming from the trees. where am i? have i truly found paradise? yes. hawaii is a magical place that if you've never experienced it, you'll never know. if your a true mainland person, then you'll never understand. but if you can hang loose and set yourself free then go to hawaii and experience a culture you'll never find anywhere else. if you can give up all the material things you have on the mainland and really be able to set yourself free then you must. leave all your hangups behind, your frown and open up yourself and experience freedom. hawaii kept calling me and know i understand, it was better than i've ever expected and hawaii has become my long distance love. it's a place that i dream about every night as if i've caught a tropical fever that won't let me forget her and wants me back forever. don't worry hawaii, i'm planning my escape from this mainland, as we speak.

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