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Love Stories of Hawaii


Kauai of my Dreams
Dedicated to Greg

Submitted by Val

Walking up to the door of our home-away-from-home for the next 2 weeks, we paused as the noise from the next door condo hit us harder than the welcoming heat had hit us half an hour earlier. Oh no, what had we got ourselves in for. A washer and dryer going, a tv (a tv in paradise?!) and several loud voices washed around us as we fumbled with the key.

We opened the door and were met by a beautifully decorated, spotless, open condo with floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the crashing waves with only a few paces from the lanai to the shore.

Closing the door wrapped us in complete silence, save for the sound of the ocean. We had arrived in heaven. Not once again did we mind the hubbub from next door, because we knew once we stepped into our little piece of paradise, we would be greeted with the sound of the waves and the sight of surfers, turtles, and spouting whales.

Kauai proved to be our favorite island of Hawaii. Whether it was kayaking, hiking, exploring waterfalls or a helicopter ride (look ma, no doors!)the power of Kauai surrounded us like a friendly touch.

Sitting on our lanai with a cool drink and a pair of binoculars, watching the surfers became our favorite pasttime. Often we'd walk on the lava rock below the condo and catch a glimpse of a turtle in the clear, clear water.

After a day of rain, the skies suddenly cleared at midnight, and we ran around the grounds barefoot in the wet grass revelling in the bright stars and black night and fresh breezes.

That last day finally arrives when happy travellers pretend that it's okay to be packing up everything that was only unpacked two weeks ago. And a promise is made to return again to the place in all of Hawaii that feels like paradise and feels like home.

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