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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My Soul Mate
Dedicated to My Love Midas

Submitted by Liz

We first met at a little Mexican restaurant, through mutual friends. I was immediately intrigued and attracted to him, and we went out on our first date the week we met. Something was special about this guy, something I had never experienced before, I knew was that I wanted more. And it turned out more was something he could not give me. He had a girlfriend back home, I tried to move on, but he and I still saw each other from time to time. My heart ached for him, I knew I was in love, and I thought he was my soul mate, but he had a prior commitment. It was hard loving him so much and knowing he didn't feel the same way about me.

The February after I met him, I was in Hawaii, on Maui, taking the early morning trip to Haleakele, we stopped to use the bathroom, I was staring at all the stars in the sky, it was a clear and beautiful night. Suddenly, I saw a shooting star and I wished that he and I would be together with all of my heart. As I watched the spectacular sunrise at the peak of the volcano, I wondered if my wish would come true.

After a couple of years had gone by, I had become a single mother, and even though I had moved on, I still wondered about my soul mate. I even wrote him a couple of cards and letters wondering if I were still in his system as he was in mine, but I didn't hear back from him. That Spring I returned to Hawaii, Kauai this time, with my mother and my toddler son. For some reason he was in my mind so much during that trip. As I strolled the beautiful beaches with my little baby, he was really heavily on my mind. A couple of months after the trip, he wrote me an e-mail, he was coming to town.

We started seeing each other again, I could tell still that I wanted more than he could give, he was not interested in having a serious relationship, and I knew I felt so much for him that nothing else would do. He told me that he was going back home for the holidays, I didn't hear from him for three months. It was a very painful time, I found out that some things had happened in his family, and he had to stay to help out. After we reconnected we spoke regularly.

I told him I wanted him to come to see me for my 30th birthday, and it didn't take much to persuade him to come. He came to Los Angeles with only a weeks worth of clothes, and after 4 1/2 years of living together, I know now that he was really my soul mate, and we are very happy together. Thank you, shooting star, for granting my wish.

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