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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

My traveling solider...
Dedicated to My boyfriend Mike a U.S Marine

Submitted by Anna

(Based on a true story)

It is 12:30 in the morning and I am dreaming of the love of my life who is hundreds of miles away serving our country as a United States Marine. He had left this year and is based in Hawaii, so far away from our hometown Chicago. As I lay in bed I wait for his call that comes every night at the same time. He tells me of all the new and great adventures he's been on and seen, and how beautiful Hawaii is."If only I could be here with you,the beaches are crystal clear and the sunsets are beautiful you would love it" he tells me. We stay up hours on end remencing on old times and all of the things he misses back at home. He tells me that when things are getting rough and feels like he wants to give up, he just has to think of me and it gives him strength to move on.

Months went by of long talks every night but one night when I received my usual phone call, it was different. He had told me that he was going to be deported for Iraq in June and he wouldn't be coming home for any breaks. When he told me this it crushed my heart and I didnt know how to go on. Would I see him again? What if he never comes back? were all thoughts storming through my head. Just being out of highschool with little money it is very hard to get to hawaii, but with prayer every night I hope that I'll be able to be with my boyfriend before he leaves overseas.

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