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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Betting on love
Dedicated to My husband; my inspiration.

Submitted by Anonymous

I first saw my husband behind the counter of a local gas station. I bought gas from him for a year, and spent a lot of time buying Texas lottery tickets. To the quiet young man behind the counter, I started saying, "If I win, I'll split it with you." And would leave him the penciled copy of the ticket- but not the original!

He thought I was kidding- but sort of cute. So, he asked me out, and I said, "No."

Not because he didn't seem nice, but because he was a foreigner from India, and I was a ‘good southern girl.'

Well, he kept asking and finally I agreed to dinner and a movie. We sat down at a Chinese place and I looked into his eyes and was lost- we talked all night. Hours later I found myself walking along Lake Conroe with my arms entwined in his, gazing at the stars.

I had always thought of myself as a career woman until the moment he asked me what I really wanted out of life- what was my dream. No one had ever asked me that before, and before I could stop myself, I said," A white picket fence around a big house, two kids an a dog." I shocked myself, but I knew it was true love. We moved in a month later, and were married as quickly as our busy schedules allowed.

We celebrated our 10-year anniversary this year at Disneyland with our two kids, and then came home to our big house with the white picket fence and the dog.

I found my prince, and my dream came true.

Next year we are taking our kids to Hawaii- and plan to enjoy every minute with one another for as long as we live.

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