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Love Stories of Hawaii


Who would have guessed
Dedicated to Kathryn Germano

Submitted by Anonymous

My aunt Kate was a wonderful person. She never married and I never understood why. She dedicated her life to taking care of her mother, my grandmother. After my grandmother died, aunt Kate would look after all of her neices and nephews by taking us to the show, buying us school clothes, etc. She never had a boyfriend that I remember. She was very pretty with black wavy hair and a beautifil smile. It seemed to me that she never really lived. But she seemed happy with her life. Then in 1980 she developed breast cancer. It was devasting to all of us, but she fought hard and it seemed that she had won the battle. I guess this made her see that she wanted to do more with her life. So she arranged for a trip to Hawaii. She took it with a tour group. The pictures she brought back showed a happy smiling face at all of the tourist spots. And in some of the pictures there was another happy smiling face standing beside her. She never talked much about this man but she alluded to him from time to time. You could see that when she talked about Hawaii it was with a wistful smile. I liked to think that she was remembering the good times she had with this man. She never named him. Then in 1984, the cancer struck again. Only this time it spread throughout her body and into her brain. She suffered mightily and even though it is awful to say, I was glad when she was gone because she was not suffering anymore. She died in the spring of 1984. A few weeks later while going through her things, we found letters from this man. It broke our hearts how much he loved her but she knew her time was short and didn't want to burden him with her illness. It seems she knew about it all along. We tried to get in touch with this man but he never returned our letters. And now I know why she always smiled so wistfully when Hawaii was mentioned. She deserved more and I am just glad that she found a little bit of happiness on such a beautiful island as Hawaii.

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