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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

An Ongoing tradition of love
Dedicated to M/M OO Turner and Daniel Shaw

Submitted by Katie

The videos, pictures, and memories are all that's left now of the time Margaret and Orval went to Hawaii. They were married many years and loved to vacation together, just the two of them. They had lovingly raised four wonderful daughters who by now are waiting for grandchildren of their own, and spent their days loving each other. Of all their grandchildren one in particular was awe stricken by the beauty of the photos and videos from their Hawaii trip oh so many years ago. His name was Daniel.

He loved to talk with his grandparents about their time in Hawaii and he loved to tell others the stories they had told him. When he was married he told the stories to his wife and insisted his grandmother find the old pictures from Hawaii for her to see. Together they dreamed of a time when they too could afford their own Hawaii trip. To go to the most romantic place on earth and create memories all their own. As most couples do they started out on their own saving every penny they could and really not getting very far. But they vowed no matter how long it took they too would get to go to Hawaii. They continued to live in the memory of Margaret and Orval's time there and knew no matter what they would one day hop aboard that plane. It may not be today, or even tomorrow, they may see many children and grandchildren grow before they can find the money,but it really doesn't matter because one day they will be there together, just as Orval and Margaret were, enjoying the beauty and splendor of the islands, together.

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