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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dedicated to Johnnie Golleher

Submitted by Shirley

My mother was a small lady with a big smile and kind word for everyone.She worked hard all her life and never got to vacation out of state until she was in her sixties.She didn't retire from work until she was 72.When I asked why she didn't retire earlier she said "I don't know what to do with myself if i don't work,"

Her one big dream was to go see Hawaii.She was a young woman when world war two occured and was very affectd by the bombing of PEARL HARBOR.Then she saw Elvis in BLUE HAWAII and watched his televison special from there.It became her one dream to visit Hawaii before she died.

We saved money for 2 years and I made the arrangements for us to go to Hawaii for two weeks.I wanted Mom to see everything and have the trip of a lifetime.Two weeks before we were to leave my dad was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer so we cancelled the trip and took care of DAD until his death six months later.

Mom lost lots of weight and I became very concerned about her.When she was diagnosed with lung cancer also mt heart broke.She died one year later.

Some day I will stand on the beach in Hawaii,raise my face into the wind and whisper,"We made it Momma,I love you!"

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