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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The perpetual honeymoon
Dedicated to Gerry Schaden

Submitted by Shirley

When my husband and I were married near Detroit in 1973, we were financially very broke. As a result, we "honeymooned" for one night in a motel near Niagara Falls, after driving in our beat up car with tread falling off the tires for 4 hours to get there. He snuck me into the room in order to not have to pay for two people! We also drove to an amusement park in Ohio, and went to the Detroit Zoo. I thought this was a fine honeymoon, but my husband has been trying to make up for it for 31 years! In the last six years, we have been to Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, Lanai, and Molokai. We have hiked to the lava flow at Volcanoes National Park, where new land continues to be created. We have visited heiaus, snorkeled with boundless fish and honu, and have driven most of the main highways (and some out of the way roads) on each island. We have been to the southern most point in the United States on the Big Island.

Best of all, we have stayed at Kona Village, the most romantic spot on earth, four times in the last six years. Our first visit was a heavenly seven-day stay for our 25th anniversary. It included a lomi lomi massage, a sketch of our hale, wraps made of gorgeous fabric for each of us, and all the incredible food at the two restaurants. We fell in love daily with each other, and with Kona Village. The ohana spirit there, with many staff that have worked there for 15 to 30+ years, added to the intimacy that we cherish.

The starlit nights, the warm breezy days, the ocean and Kahuwai Bay, the view, the petroglyph field to walk through early in the morning, the sand pathways, the cozy feel inside our hale, the incredible staff, all caused us to return to Kona Village again and again.
We would live there, if we could-a perpetual honeymoon.

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