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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dreaminfg of Paradise
Dedicated to Julie Potter

Submitted by Brad

The lure of Hawaii struck me when I was just a kid. My best friend and I used to dream about falling in love with beautiful Hawaiian girls and living happily ever after in that island paradise. The Hawaiian aspect of that dream went the way of many childhood illusions. But the rest of it has come true. The girl I eventually fell in love with and married was not from Hawaii, but she was and is every bit as beautiful as the girl in my young dreams. And after 18 years together we are well on our way to happily ever after.

It is no longer my dream that draws me to Hawaii it's hers. She doesn't speak of it very often, but our long mid-west winters create a yearning in her for warm sandy beaches, crystal blue water, and tropical breezes. So far she has experienced all this only in her imagination I never have been able to take her to such a place. But the dream is still alive. It is her dream to experience the beauty of Hawaii, and it is my dream to make her dream come true.

Winning this vacation would fulfill the dreams of a wonderful, selfless, and very deserving woman, and that would be a dream come true for me, the man who loves her more than anything.

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